Services that trains labourers proper skills in tiling and constructions in a developing country

by SilentSambal. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Hi all, does your country have services that teaches unskilled labourers the proper techniques and skills in construction?

Currently in my country, the quality of construction work is downright horrible. tiles break and cracks after a few months due to setting it improperly. Grouting is uneven. Floors and walls are not leveled. Hardware are not installed as per instructions resulting is dings and scratches.

Labours are mostly foreign migrants who get paid with low salary. I have yet to see any companies that properly equip their workers with the right tools.

There are hundreds of contractors companies here but rarely do I see a company that does a quality job.

Do you think there is an opportunity of providing classes and proper supplies to the labourers of these contractor companies? Anyone with any experience in this ?

Or am I seeing the wrong picture here and should be the one looking to provide a quality service ? However do note that the mindset of the population here is that, the cheaper the better .

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How do you hire the right freelancers from sites like Upwork, Freelancer..

by filthyrichboy. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

here's my experience so far with freelancing websites: I hire a freelancer, yay.. Both parties are excited to work on the project, Somewhere in the middle we would had some challenges/disagreements, Freelancer gets a little demotivated to work further, They get invited to more interesting/profitable project, Shiny object syndrome (or simply a squirrel)— and they’re gone. Not answering emails, not picking up phone, ignoring Skype etc. Basically, I'm doomed.

I don't know if the problem with me or the nature of the job is like that, I try to be as nice and understanding as I can but it seems it's not working.. is there anyone that has similar experiences? and how I can do it right?

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I need advice!

by Iancormier123. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

I just graduated high school and have been working on a company for the past year or so with a buddy. Me and him are co-owners of it, and have significantly grown it from nothing. At the moment we are not any sort of legal company at all, and it is all under the table. We do mobile car detailing another car care, and I’ve had pretty good success with it in the time we’ve been doing this. We however are coming up on the point of being dangerously illegal, and are looking to secure contracts with a roofing company to work on their fleet trucks. We believe it’s time to become a LLC and make this a legitimate business. Would an LLC be the best route to take? Anyone have any advice for someone in the situation? Thanks for your time.

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I run a small Print on Demand business. Looking for advice on sending free products to people with a similar audience.

by EvoRalliArt. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

I run a small Print on Demand brand. I recently saw my biggest success with one shirt. I ordered myself a sample and said 'Woo, my x shirt has arrived!" spiked to the most popular post on the sub and as a result I sold over 100 shirts, making apprixmatley £5/6 per item.

Wondering if anyone has any experience in sending free products to people who make videos on YouTube and how effective their ROIs are? My shirts are inexpensive, would cost me approximately £10 to have it sent to someone in my country.

How do you approach these people? Email them from their about section? Do they expect you to also send them money in return for them displaying your product? Do they put themselves on a pedestal above you? Do they have a shitty attitude? I'm happy to send my products to those with the correct audience for free, if they asked for addional finances in return for us sending them a product, I'd be a bit hesitant - after all this is just a side hustle for myself.

If anyone has had any experience doing this I'd love to hear form you.

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Why isn't anyone talking about buying existing businesses?

by chillin014. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Unless I've missed it, most of the threads here are people trying to either start something from scratch or even come up with a genuine idea. However I've just learned there are plenty of established businesses turning a profit that are for sale currently. Is this not the easiest approach for those who want to own or control a business and make their own way in life?

I've been casually browsing bizbuysell since yesterday and there are opportunities that offer seller financing, absentee owner situations, etc. Seems like a way easier route to go assuming all the financials can be validated and you can manage the financing.

Anyone have experience with this?

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Business idea for resturants

by 29palmsucks. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Ive noticed alot of times when eating out that some resurant menus really suck. Like bad pictures or no pictures at all. Or confusing, ugly fonts and layouts. Menus are a big reflection of the restaurant and it seems like there isn't much thought or resources put into them in alot of cases. A graphic designer could start a business designing really well put together, professional menus for restaurants. This business isn't for me, but I do wonder if this exist? Or is it a stupid idea?

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[Academic] Looking To Have More Small Business Owners Provide Input On Their Relationships During The Pandemic

by RelationshipsLabCMU. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Coronavirus Impact Survey

As relationships researchers, we are conducting research on the broad impacts that the pandemic is having on individuals, couples, and families across the United States. We have created a survey designed to help us learn about this impact in a scientific way. We are reaching out to as many people as we can to see if you would be willing to take part in this new study, and/or to share it with your friends and family. The survey takes 30-45 minutes to complete and is available online at the link at the top and bottom of this post.

While we cannot offer monetary compensation at this time given the size of the study, we hope that you will find reward in contributing to the scientific effort to understand this unique period of time in our history. Others who have completed the survey have commented that it provided a welcome opportunity for them to express their feelings about the pandemic.

Anyone over age 18 and currently located in the US is eligible to participate.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide in helping us learn about the broad impacts of the pandemic.

Coronavirus Impact Survey:


How to put yourself out there without feeling slimy?

by anotheruser1972. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

I’m in the process of setting up my own virtual bookkeeping business. Because of my own history and experiences in helping people, I feel like I can add value to other small businesses looking to outsource their bookkeeping needs. What I’m struggling with is how to communicate my confidence of being able to provide this value without sounding full of myself or like a sleazy salesman. For those of you in service-providing industries, how did you overcome this unease when first getting started (I say when first getting stared since I am guessing that it either gets easier over time or your business has reached a tipping point by which it draws in enough business through referrals).

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Source needed: "Five Pillars of Business"

by greymoonie. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

I found online that there are 5 pillars of business/ business management. Those are strategy, marketing, operations, people, and finance. What is the reference of this? Who stated this?

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What’s your favorite business sector and why?

by FlDELITY. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Mine is agriculture. I think it’s cool to grow crops and sell it. You grow food. People buy food. People eat food. What are your favorite sectors and why?

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I am building an app, when's the best time to start doing marketing?

by samnolland. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Hi everyone,

As the title says, I am currently building an app that I believe could help people earn some side money by selling theirs skills or talents in their local community.

I'm a professional developer and I started the app simply because I liked the idea. It wasn't a serious project, I was just doing it for fun as a hobby. Since the Covid19 hit us this year, I ended up with a bit more time on my hands so I just figured ehh, why not...So I built almost everything and now I'm at a point where the app will be ready within 6 weeks or so.

I've read a lot of posts that says you absolutely need to build a landing page and a newsletter to collect emails, gauge interest and start doing some marketing tasks before the actual app goes out.

I've built a landing page hooked to a newsletter, but since the app will be ready by mid-summer this year, is trying to do marketing now really the right thing to do? If so, what are the best practices, any books or blog I should read? (I'm a developer with just generic knowledge on marketing, this is not my cup of tea)

Any help, advice or feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated!


note: I didn't include the link in the post as Im not trying to self promote. If any of you is curious, I can always send you the link. Thanks!

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Do you think financial coaching as a business is feasible and profitable?

by coach-of-finance. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

So I see a lot of people who work in good jobs, have good incomes and are 'successful' by most outward measures.

However, if you really take a look into people's financial lives (I have), there are just too many people who have made costly mistakes with their money, have not made the moves that would secure their financial futures and are pretty clueless about how dangerously on the edge they're living.

This problem, by the way, is even worse for higher income earners because their high income gives them the confidence to get into way too much debt, and they think the good income is going to last forever so they don't save and invest as much as required.

In my opinion, a lot of people want to learn personal finance and money management but: (1) don't know where to start, (2) are overwhelmed with choice, (3) are distrustful of traditional sources or (4) it is just one of those things that people endlessly put off for the future

This is where I want to come in - I want to approach companies (both big and small) and tell them to let me come in and take a couple of educational sessions for their employees on personal finance and money management.

I see a lot of companies doing 'extracurricular' things for their employees: meditation and yoga session, health seminars, de-stressing sessions, etc. I want to sell my financial coaching service as one of these 'employee wellness' activities.

My reasoning is - employees will benefit a lot from an unbiased coaching session (I'll make it clear that I'm not putting out any specific investment advice and I don't represent any brokerage or investment company).

What do you guys think? Is my idea capable of scaling up? Is it economically feasible? If you were a business owner and I pitched you the idea of me coming in for a couple of sessions with your employees, would you engage me?

Edit: Thanks for the contribution, guys. I'll reply to each comment, but I think some of the commentators are misunderstanding me:

I don't intend to, at least for now, to be a financial planner for an individual. My business is going to be about addressing audiences and groups, and educating them on the principles of personal finance & money management. More like education, less about personalized management of any one person's money. This business is about educating the masses about personal finance so that everybody can live better and get more out of their money by making the right decisions and choices.

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What's the reason you started

by donnawelladmin. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Believe that everyone has their own reason for their startup, personally for me is passion & is fun but when no results are appearing, you just feel like tearing these whole thing apart.

What's yours? Passion, Forced, Threatened, Accident, Hate building path for others or something unimaginable?

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Seeking Website Feedback - Conversions, Bounce Rate, etc..

by djangojedi. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Hello all,

I am interested to connect with people here who have had success creating a solid lead funnel on their webpage. I am particularly looking for critiques of ours, what we could do differently and what we could do to change our current landing page to drive more from submissions / actions from our visitors.

Website for feedback:

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What do you guys think???

by ampletch. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

I’m getting about 10,000$ for something that happened a couple years ago and me plus my friend are trying to decide on how we can make more money with this. Any ideas, resources or advice given will help 🙏 thanks.

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Any good virtual networking events?

by Penelope_Ithaca. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

I'm looking for some good online networking events (emphasis on networking) that are not practically webinars.

Also, I'd prefer if they're not just one-off events but happen regularly (weekly or monthly).

Any suggestions?


I'm turning 18 in less then a month and I need to get educated on money ASAP any book or audio book suggestions?

by Ihave2manyquestionss. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

So like I said in the titel I'm almost legal and very ambitious but I realize that I stil don't know nearly enough about money and economics. I'm not unintelligent and find reading non fiction pretty stimulating. Does anyone have any books and or audio books they would suggest to help get me more knowledgeable?

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Former employee filed for unemployment (NY)

by NotChistianRudder. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

I had a telecommuting employee in New York quit voluntarily late last year to take up a fellowship which paid a stipend. That fellowship dried up a few weeks ago thanks to COVID and she filed for unemployment and I received notice that my potential charges are over $13K. She was my only employee in the State of New York, so I'm no longer paying into NY UI.

My question is: how much is it in my self-interest to fight this if I'm no longer paying into the NY system? Am I going to be stuck with a bill for $13K?

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Should I create an LLC when starting off while I explore multiple business opportunities?

by ORFALICIOUS. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Hello, I am just beginning to learn about the ins and outs of actually starting a business and found that I might need to start an LLC, but of coarse I'm not educated on the matter.

I'm 28 and now own 3 homes (2 in my name, 1 in my wife's name... we just got married). I have been renting one home for about 3 years, plan to rent my wife's house soon, and eventually rent the one we currently live in. Of coarse up till now its all been done in my name.

As of the last few months, I have also been working on creating a brand/website etc in order to sell an electronics device.

Everything up to this point has just been mortgage loans and money out of pocket but it sounds like it might be better to create an LLC before I continue diving into all of this. If so, should I just start with one? How do I differentiate all of my purchases/loans with the LLC, etc?

I understand this is pretty open ended, but any advice or a sense of direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Is starting everything at 20 year old too late?

by BEASTnr1. Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Ok, that might sound like a dumb question, but I'm not in a really good situation so I would appreciate if you would give some serious replies. Thanks in advance.

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