2 Leads Requesting NSF Grant Proposal + Documents

by MoistSquid. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    1    1

We provide many services, some of which include custom software development. Since COVID, we've had two new leads approach us asking for a software development proposal + tax forms + letters of collaboration + a bunch of other documentation because they are trying to receive government (specifically NSF) grants. Both of these leads were referrals from existing large clients, so we can't exactly just say "no" without burning bridges and damaging relationships with higher ups.

Does anyone have any insight into this process? Our lawyer is absolutely clueless and suggested we find someone who is more familiar with grant laws, but I am not going to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees for a grant that our client isn't guaranteed to get and hire us for. Are we walking into a hidden trap by writing these proposals and sending these documents to our leads?

Literally any help here would be appreciated...


cdbessig 1

Maybe move them into a paying consultation agreement now? Aka charge for your time assisting them with getting the grant? Credit a portion of it back to the build when they move forward