6 Tips to crush it with Facebook Ads

by rocket_nick. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    4    2

If you have a customer list, the following 6 steps are exactly what I use to run my ads.

  1. Create a custom audience of your best customers(I recommend NPS for this)

  2. Create a look-a-like audience of those best customers (1% matching)

  3. Run ads with the "conversions" objective (in FB News Feed)

  4. Pixel all your website visitors into custom audiences

  5. Create retargeting ads with testimonials that overcome objections (exclude audience that converted)

  6. Create a lookalike audience based on your conversions


houseofvimm 1

At number 4, do you mean create a new pixel?

  rocket_nick 1

Use your pixel to create a new custom audience.