6 weeks ago, Bill Gates called Elon Musk's comments on COVID-19 'outrageous'

by anotherfakeloginname. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    8

I don't love Bill Gates, but since March I've been been defending him when wherever i talk to followers of Q.

But now looking back at this article from 6 weeks ago, I'm wondering if my defense of Bill Gates was misplaced. He's not a scientist, and he does seem to put a high value on his ego.

Looking back, what are other people's view on these 2 leaders comments about corona?



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Elon burner account

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Lol. I wish

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So what about looking back at this article made you wonder if your defense of Gates was misplaced? .... also, followers of Q as in Qanon???

Anjin 3

This seems like trojan conspiracy theory posting, doesn’t it? “I don’t believe the crazy things, but I’m starting to feel like they might have a point...”


It seems like Gates confidence is misplaced, and Musk seems to be generally correct, but I'm curious about how other people see it.

book-onthe-stand 4

Bill gates has spent a lot of his time distributing vaccines in third world countries. His philanthropy is responsible for eradicating polio in these places.

I think he’s an expert when it comes to understand how to distribute and get people to take vaccines— which is harder than it sounds. Like 40% of the country said they wouldn’t take a COVID vaccine.

Bill gates is very sensitive to misinformation being spread because he’s already dealt with massive amounts of it seriously hampering developing countries ability to eradicate curable diseases


Just because Gates has a ton of money to spend on what he desires does not make him an expert on such matters.

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I think that's a valid point