A new gig economy study focuses on employers instead of freelancers

by aleksandrvolodarsky. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1

Liftoff, we have liftoff!

No, it's not an Apollo launch. It's Lemon's new report!

Lately, we've been busy studying how American companies interact with freelance developers. We are a freelance platform, so we gotta know. We've surveyed 310 business owners and CEOs from the United States. We then analyzed their answers and organized them into a comprehensive report.

Today we are proud to inform you that the report is now LIVE! Feel free to check it out. It contains all kinds of cool and unexpected findings focused on how employers feel working with freelance devs.

Like, did you know that among startups who don't hire freelancers, the majority (21%) does so simply because they are not sure they can afford it – and not because of IP concerns or mistrust?

Or that American companies prefer to hire freelance devs in Eastern Europe (41%) over the US and Canada combined (and we also know why)?

We've got tons of useful insights like that. All aimed to help CEOs and company owners make their minds on the question, "Should I hire a freelance dev to build me a mobile app?"

You can lay your hands on our report right here – https://lemon.io/freelancereport2020/. If you have any feedback, or a word of support, or some devastating critique, we are all ears and eyes to read your comments.