A service that aids suicidal people in making large bets on the stock market. If they get lucky they pass down a large inheritance, if they don’t, well, debts do not get inherited.

by hrrm. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    1

This would probably apply better in a country with assisted suicide where a person who is ready to move on but also has people that they care about and wants to pass an inheritance on to.

In our example let’s say this person has 2 children which he would like to split his inheritance among, and at the time of his suicidal decision, has $100k to offer. This money split amongst his 2 children is certainly nice but hardly life changing at $50k/piece. This service would help the client in making big bets in the market to turn the $100k into lets say $1mill. Is this possible? Yes. Why don’t more people do it? Because the downside for these super over-leveraged trades could be in excess of $2mill. The benefit here is that with someone who is going to take their life the downside will only be as much as the bank can take when they are dead, in this case $100k, which for all intents and purposes makes this a risk-free trade. The inheritance goes from a guaranteed $50k to a chance for either $500k or $0. The service would obviously take a base pay and a % cut from the winnings.


commonlinnet 3

I don't think a lot of people are willing to gamble with their children's money like that, especially if they're nearing death...