A short video app only for drunken videos

by khtr2889. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    2    2

My app under construction is that , it consists of short drunken videos while partying or casual drinking which are fun to watch . My only doubt is that is the society open upload drunken videos without fear of being judged ? And also how’s tha app idea ?


digitalwankster 1

I had an idea for a niche tube site back in the day with funny videos of drunk people doing stupid stuff that sounds a lot like your app. The problem is going to be driving traffic to it and monetizing. How do you make money outside of ad arbitrage?

EDIT: I still have the domain if you want to buy it off me. AlcoholicVideos.com - registered in 2011.

Fu_Hok_Kuen 5

How does this app differentiate between itself from other sites such as youtube, tiktok? I understand that it's for drunken videos but why can't those videos be uploaded on the site I listed?