Accomplishments and Lesson Learned Friday! - (September 11, 2020)

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Please use this thread to share any accomplishment you care to gloat about, and some lessons learned.

This is a weekly thread to encourage new members to participate, and post their accomplishments, as well as give the veterans an opportunity to inspire the up-and-comers.

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CleanAccount69 1

Established entrepreneur here with digital marketing background. Have been involved in several start-ups, including co-founding an e-commerce abandoned recovery app scaling to 7 figure revenue in a year.

I’m in the process of launching my new venture and always struggle so hard finding quality mobile developers to partner with. Anyone have ideas on places to find ambitious, committed devs?

salo9712 1

Hi! I’m Salo...from Mexico :)

I’ve tried a lot of things when it comes to online businesses throughout the years. I remember since I was 16 I started looking for ways to be independent. Unfortunately or fortunately (who knows haha) I’ve failed maybe 10 or 15 times since then. Now I’m almost 23 (my birthday is on December) and finally I think I have a solid start. I never left the idea of making money online since I think it’s the best bet if you want to start a business in this era. A couple weeks ago my digital marketing agency opened (Addvantegis). My target is to help small business owners digitalize their product/ service at a low cost (because I know how hard this times are, specially with the pandemic and the imminent economic crisis that’s coming). While other digital agencies charge almost 1000 per month (approximately 22300 MXN) we are only charging 100-105 USD to help Mexican business get into the digital ecosystem. I’m also planning on taking clients across the globe because I have friends that are freelance photographers or designers in Europe and North America (U.S. and Canada) so we can also offer our services at a low cost (maybe we’ll charge 299 USD/€ for our starter pack or something similar to that), BUT I need to take care of some legal matter fist before I can go international. I’m really not trying to promote my business here or to spam anybody, its just that I’m genuinely happy to help people and to start over again after almost 18 years of feeling useless, worthless, having depression and suicidal thoughts because of all my failures and because I was bullied ever since I went to kinder garden because I was born with only 5 months and 8 days of gestation and I have some flaws, example, one of my eyes wasn’t able to develop completely so it is smaller than my right eye (the one that I can see with). So with that said, I GENUINELY (and I really mean that) hope everyone in this subreddit finds a way to chase their dreams and consequently feels the level of fulfillment that I’m feeling right now even when you guys are just starting and can’t find no clients. Doesn’t matter if 6 months or a freaking year go by, don’t give up. Be like me. I’m just starting again and I haven’t find a client...but I know this is the path that I want to take and I feel happy for that. Hope you guys have a wonderful day/week/year no matter what’s going on.

A little piece of my heart goes in this comment, Saul (my friends can call me Salo)

Kyerswa 1

Generated more than 30 quote opportunities through organic social media marketing in the last week and closed 2 sales. I’m starting a flooring installation company and have been in business for 6 days.

hellogoodbye32123 1

I have been interested in dropshipping stores and stuff for a while and I finally found time to set one up. I would absolutely love some constructive criticism!

stolenFromTheLibrary 1


looks really nice and crisp. here's how you can make your email address in the 'contact us' section a mailto link:

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stolenFromTheLibrary 1

I'm a web developer but not yet an entrepreneur. I split my free time between reading, writing, exercise, webdev projects for my youtube channel, and occasionally doing additional work for my job. YouTube is my outlet for learning and reteaching myself concepts outside of work and developing self confidence. What would you change if you wanted to become an entrepreneur in 5 years or less?

kippypapa 1

Find one thing you can do where you can make at least $1 from selling a product or service. That’s all it takes to get started.

createalpha 2

I developed a game for visual learners and got a race review from optometrist who works on Gifted learners!

Chief_tyu 3

I've been moonlighting as a consultant and last month I maxed out my capacity and made 3x my day job salary. A lot of the stuff here helped me get started. I also just hired someone to help expand my capacity. It's honestly surreal after seeing all the success stories here.

Nomorebread 2

Well done! What are you consulting in? I’ve just started a consulting practice and doing some pro bono to start for testomional. Any advice?

advisemedisciple 5

I made a subreddit on a different account that has nearly 30,000 members

TabascoWolverine 4

Yesterday I found out one of my video edits is projected to receive over 500,000 views. (as an editor this means I must have my client pay higher music royalties).

This is a VERY new level of perceived and projected success for me.

Which_Stable4699 4

Well after 1.5 years my first major investment finally turned a profit. This was 1.8m deal with $395k capital invested and this month it generated $10.5k net income. So while this didn’t go at all according to plan, it may still work out in the end.

tylertellsjokes 6

I’m a comedian that branches off into events for luxury apartment communities based in Chicago. With Covid, I was able to expand into virtual events and work with buildings all over the country.

TabascoWolverine 1

Nice! What's the streaming platform you are using?

tylertellsjokes 1

I’ve been using zoom for these shows, since it’s for a specific community

TabascoWolverine 1

Can I ask how you are handling audio? Hardware? Number of mics? Mixed?

tylertellsjokes 2

I’ve just been talking directly to my MacBook. Since it’s just me, I haven’t added any additional mic connects

calemedia 17

I developed a social platform and with no money spent on advertising I gained 3,000 users, some who actually donated and a few who pay $0.99 a month to help support the site. I also was browsing Craigslist one day and found a guy who wanted to invest into a bar or restaurant and I said well it can’t hurt to ask if he wants to invest in my platform.

Well after about a month of answering a million questions and going back and forth about everything and anything we agreed on him to invest $33,000 for a % of the company. We have been experimenting with Facebook ads and on average it cost $0.15 per new user, with the $33,000 I estimate a user base of 200,000 members but I’m still not ready to pull that trigger. But if we do get 50,000 daily users our advertisements have the potential to generate around $75,000 a month.

Wish me luck :)

ZenBuddhism 1

That's incredible. Happy to hear :)

Eastbaymag 2

That’s really cool, how did you get your first users?

calemedia 5

I own some really big Facebook groups and just posted it there

crowville 2

Congratulations and all the best!!