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by sal133q8. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    1    4


I own a small business, I write down all my sales/expenses in excel and I reached a point that excel is not enough for me, Im looking to convert to an accounting software, non self hosted. I don't want any invoicing features or what not, I just want to write down my sales and expenses, free is preferred. thanks.


andie011 1

A lot of this depends on what you need to keep track of. If it's just expenses and you want a way to track on the fly you can use an accounting software called Kashoo. If your looking for actual reporting like balance sheet and P&L you could use Freshbooks. If you looking to budget there really isn't good software and you'll end up using excel. Hope that helps.

judahbenk 1

I run a bookkeeping firm and if you do your books yourself, Excel is a great entry, but you have seen the limitations of how much time you have to spend on it now.

Xero is probably my favorite accounting software for small businesses.
QBO is popular with a lot of gadgets, but it breaks a lot and is complicated to use.

Wave is free, but clunky to use.

You would be looking to spend about $30/mo on a decent accounting software. Feel free to PM me if you would like further pros and cons.

UncleFishKiller 2

Just so you know what you need to ask for, the term is General Ledger.

damonous 4

Waves seems to be a popular free option, though it didn’t meet my needs and I ended up going with QBO instead.