Advertisement Van?

by Bernie_Bro_Canada. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    4

I have an idea for one of those vans that have tv screens on the sides of it. I don’t know how to start though, where to find info on how to start, find the screens and so on. Any help would be appreciated.


8uckwheat 1

A quick google for digital advertising van or truck for sale should at least get you started. I’m not certain about the specifics, but there’s likely a bit of learning around the software that controls the displays, image and video formats and sizes, and maintenance. I doubt it’s too complicated, but something you’d need to learn in order to have ads running on it.

You could look up some digital ad van companies and check out their websites to get an idea for pricing, competition, saturation in your area, etc.

  Bernie_Bro_Canada 1

Thanks so much for your advice! I’m used to getting negative responders and discouraging replies on this subreddit. I appreciate it.