Advice for a sapiosexual virtual community

by hypatiaunderground. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    0    7

I am looking for smart, empathetic, manifesting entrepreneurs to give me advice on my unusual startup concept.

I am a really intellectual type of person. I got a masters in physics and always loved philosophy and philosophical conversation. When the lockdown started, I began to walk an unusual path for myself, becoming a cam artist. I found it to be an interested exploration of my sense of self as I have been interested in consciousness for a while. I found a lot of people interested in the intellectual side of things, sapiosexual type niche. I am interested to build my own sapiosexual network and connect this to permaculture spaces with some reality TV and AI type integration, so I can bring more money to this work and promote meaningful connection and philosophical dialogue as well. I have thought through many of the details, but I'm not sure how to build virtual community, where there is something more there for these men than my intimacy. It seems so potentially powerful, to combine sexuality and philosophy and then again regeneration. I am sure there is a way to organize this with both forum and live streaming capabilities on the website. I am wondering if anyone has advice for me on taking this to the next level, as for some reason this stage feels like there is something obvious I am missing or something! I feel so passionately about regeneration, I only continued to cam because I feel great potential. Maybe it's a personal issue I have in communicating the vision clearly to the right people. I'm not sure as all I seem to do is talk about it. It seems like a chicken or the egg issue, build it and they will come? Again, lots of intellectuals are interested in me it's just like unless I'm obsessing about them as an individual how do they get excited about something more I'm creating? And some people, once in a while when I mention the bigger vision, think I'm just trying to get power for the sake of it. Actually I am interested in regenerative agriculture like like life depended on it and I'm willing to travel to permaculture sites to do some sort of live series but it seems like all that will come when I just build the website properly. People want to give me their money, $8 a minute even sometimes. But I don't like to spend my time on the bigger sites (that take 65%), I want this on my own site, and I want to make the world a better place at the same time.




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Why not make it a game of questions depending on intellectual interest before providing a video chat to meet? I'm a big fan of Gamification.

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YES half of my vision is gamification, I keep using this word I'm like gamify this and this and this haha - but my friend I'm not quite smart enough to manifest this. I'll get there. I feel like I just need to invest a certain amount money, I want people to navigate permaculture art spaces like pokemon go and stumble upon fascinating conversations and connections that help you reestablish a world paradigm based on truth beauty and love lol

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Interesting idea. I had a similar idea a few years back (am Sapiosexual myself) but did not develop it to any great degree. I was thinking more of a matching function based on books read or philosophical position but I am not sure that would work now.

I don't think it's going to work as a straight cam site though - would need some other hook for this community. Happy to brainstorm or chat about it if you like. Good luck with it - this has mileage definitely.

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Thank you so much! Yeah people are so into it but there needs to be the proper site functionality so they can get more consumed in the experience more easily. I have though about a 3d tour with books on my shelf as a possible mode of interaction, lots more to say, I would LOVE to talk more with you about this. It means the world to me, thank you.

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Help someone else. TBH this post sounds extremely narcissistic telling all about your self, and little in how you actually bring value to the table.

Value is determined by the recipient. Someone wanted to pay you, they thought you could provide value and you told them no... That is no way to build a community.

Virtual communities virtually don't exist, I have been in many. When push comes to shove, they part ways, there is little to no cohesion. It is by having a phisical tie of some sort that binds communities together. Phisical beings need a physical connection.