Ali Express Sample/Shipping

by Suyneej. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    1

I'm in dealings with a manufacture on aliexpress for plates. I have picked out the one I like and before purchasing 1000 plates from them I asked for a sample. I of course was expecting to pay for the plate and shipping so like $25 USD, however they told me it would be $50 USD. I'm from Canada so supposedly this sample is going to cost me $75. This seems like a ripoff to me and I feel like they're trying to hose me because my Ali express account is brand new and has no history.

As crazy as it seems these plates are for personal use (My wedding next year...much cheaper to buy off aliexpress than rent them) and not re-selling on amazon. I have never done any ordering from aliexpress before nor any selling on Amazon so I am completely clueless as to how this all works. Figured you guys might be able to help me out since I assume some of you have ordered samples for your online businesses before.

I fully understand its a $25 difference which is honestly no big deal but its more so I don't like getting taking advantage of cuz people just assume I'm an idiot and dont know better.


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This is pretty normal and i doubt you're being taken advantage of. Samples cost them a lot and they want to make a profit off you. Likely they think you're trying to take advantage of them and just want 1 plate and not all 1000.