📃 Alternatives to legal Zoom?

by ale11. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    1    5

Hey everyone, I’m looking for cost effective alternatives to legal zoom (just their on demand lawyer service) I’ve used them in the past and i don’t like the way they try to trick you into buying services you don’t need and their hidden fees. Any recs would be super helpful thanks!!


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Forming an entity is not something I would ever recommend using any of the online automated entity factories. I've had plenty of attorney friends and exes and they had nothing but horror stories for those places. Tons of people used them, the entity had some requirements that the people didn't know they needed to maintain. (dumb stuff, like I have to have an annual meeting with myself and record it in this specific way)

It's all well and good until they get sued. That's when they find out that they have no corporate protection from a lawsuit (google "piercing the corporate veil") and not only does their business get sued but they personally can be sued as well because they went cheap on the entity formation.

If you don't want to trust a random redditor go call a corporate defense lawyer near you and ask them about how well protected were their clients who used Legal Zoom.

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tl;dr bite the bullet and get an atty who does entity formations

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I use BizCounsel

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I used zen business to set up our LLC. Some upsell- but overall lower prices.

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Dickinson Wright is a great firm. I use them pretty regularly