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by IQ74. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    2

I am planning to open an store front to sell products into Canada. What I have realized is that many products are not available on or available at a very high price. I have never sold online or done any business as a seller on Amazon. Is it best to let them fulfill all the orders? I would probably start with basic products that I already know, buy bulk from US manufacturers and then resell to Canada at a modest markup.

Any pitfalls? things to avoid and things that I should do? Any feedback would be very helpful.


hawaiianryanree 1

Where do you add value?

You have to consider. From what you are describing, anyone could have thought of that. And probably has. And probably tried. And most likely probably failed.

And most likely that was repeated by many.

So the question is. Why aren't there the products that you are suggesting available. Or why are they so expensive.

What makes you be able to fix this pain point more than another, most likely failed competitor whose already tried?

When you figure out exactly where your value is. dig deep, and really focus on increasing the value you provide.

Otherwise you are just being an opportunist, and your business will be extremely volitile to trends / competition / someone who just works harder / quicker / faster than you.

  IQ74 1

I am not sure if people have sold these items in the past and failed at it. I think many products are just hard to get in Canada. It is just a matter of availability. As a buyer I don't mind paying a modest markup for a product. For example, I am searching for specific brands of hot sauce and I don't mind paying 9/bottle but I don't want to pay 66/bottle which is just a silly price. My thought is to open a store and then slowly adjust over time and see what sells well and what doesn't move.