An update for the business idea I have- Millennial Gag Gift

by swiftjitsu. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1    5

Hey guys, last Saturday I posted this asking for feedback on an idea that I had for a millennial gag gift.

The gist of the idea: Ditch the boring cards and give you're SO or close friend a personalized deck of meme cards instead, with stories and inside jokes you have been through together that relate to each meme.

The concept of the idea was fun, simple, and personalized but the amount of work required to fill up 15-30 cards from the customer's side was quite demanding. Copyright infringement was also problematic, so I had to try and solve that too. Finally, building a streamlined website allowing the customer to edit every card in the pack was not feasible through Shopify, so I had to get back to the drawing board.


As mentioned, the customization process proved to be too demanding from the consumers end, so I had to find a way to minimize that. I decided I will be testing out the idea with an MVP first with a preset deck and minimal customization. The customer will only have to upload a photo of the person receiving the card, answer a few questions such as: (relationship status (wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/friend) and the occasion for this gift.

The pre-set messages on the card are funny and relatable. Problem 1 solved.


Memes are in constant circulation around the web and the copy-write laws associated with them seem to be very grey. But I'd rather stay on the safe side and avoid the problem all-together. How can I use copy-write free memes? I asked myself.. Then I remembered.. Hide your pain Harold. Hide your pain Harold was named meme of the decade by Times magazine and I thought he would be perfect. As an MVP, I will build a BRAND around Harold. The deck will be exclusively Harold memes (for now). And since these are stock photos, all I would need to do is buy the commercial licenses for the images I wish to use and the copy-write problem solved. Lucky for me, a stock photo website was having a 20 year anniversary promotion and I stocked up on all the Harold memes I would need for a relatively cheap price. The Harold meme is very versatile because I can attach any sentence to his face and - it just works. Both the receiver and the one gifting will have a laugh from this.


This problem basically solved itself by offering the deck in a pre-made format instead.


I have completed the deck of 35 cards and I found some Harold memes that I never even knew existed. I will be offering two gift packs - the first one for $14.99 (20 cards) and 19.99 (35 cards). This keeps the price competitive with other gag-gifts and cards available for purchase online.

I've secured both the domain: and the Instagram page: Haroldsgift. I'm currently working on launching another project of mine so I expect to be up and running in maybe a month's time?

Do you like these updated? I don't mind keeping the community posted on a weekly? basis with updates related to this fun side-project of mine. Please let me know

Take a look at some of the cards I've created and let me know what you guys think.




PrimaryWarning 1

What Copywrite problem? I think you're making up a non-existent problem. What customers create on their personal cards are not your problem and you have no obligation to enforce others laws.

Allow people to customize them however they want and even allow duplicates of them. I'd add suggestions or allow to pick random to solve customization problem. Once you have enough sales use an algorithm that'll suggest popular ones other's have created as suggestions.

If I were you i'd snatch up a dozen similar domains and card themes like Harold then run all the shops as separate categories of a single site. This will effectively give you 12x the exposure potential and allow customers to pick multiple types to different friends.

Make sure your company name is on every single card somewhere. I can see a bunch of people sticking this on their wall at work or something and having your domain will make it easy for others to order.

TerpNutz 1

"I made this special deck of card's" <-- typo

  swiftjitsu 1

Haha thanks, still need to work on the formatting and corrections.

What do you think of the 5 options I provided?


le_crosst 1

How are you planning on producing them? Do you want to use print on demand? What's the cost to preoduce?

Like the update btw

  swiftjitsu 2

Hey, yes I plan on going POD. The cost of print is around $1.90 for 20 cards and $3.50 for 35 cards. Shipping will be around $5 for anywhere in the US. So my total cost of production is $6.90 for the $15 pack and $8.50 for the $20 pack.