Another Subscription box

by ReplyMeSon. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    3

I would like to know if anyone is currently receiving any subscription boxes if so from where? I would like to start my own but I want to do a little more research first. I would like it to be focused on mental health and donate a portion to charity. I'm not wanting to get into this for the money so the cost would be rather low. I'm thinking like a pick me up box for people suffering with depression. At least that's where my idea sparked from. Perhaps a positivity box with cute puns to remind people to slow down and take time out for themselves. Thoughts?


peaceandoptimism 1

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, but I saw on the news last week that a lady started a subscription box that sounds very similar. Here’s the website, so that you can check it out before making a decision.

  ReplyMeSon 2

Thank you for sharing the link. It does seem similar to her idea. I'm just glad it's being done. 🤗

peaceandoptimism 1

It is a great idea. She just recently started the company and I believe she’s doing pretty well. She was inspired by the pandemic. If you are super passionate about the idea, you can make the decision to compete or collaborate. The market may be big enough for two or she may need more help and ideas. After looking at her website you may have an idea on how you guys can work together. Lightbulb - Maybe you can plan and host uplifting on-line events and include a voucher to the event in the subscription box.