Any demand for product development 'how-to' courses or informative/entertaining true stories?

by laboradorio. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    2

Hi everyone, having spent a lot of time and money taking an idea to market (iot platform) that in the end ran out of funding and failed, I’d love to somehow package my experience and gained knowledge so that it could help, inform or entertain others.

So what would be the kind of content that you’d be interested in and even potentially pay something for?

Educational pov:

  • how to pitch to investors
  • how to structure a pilot with a client (and how to ensure that after a successful pilot, something happens in terms of orders)
  • how to use product design to attract interest
  • how to not work with a market entry specialist/distributor
  • why you should be wary when a big company approaches you for cooperation and how to assess if they’re not just trying to ‘steal your ideas’
  • how to write great funding applications (praised by european commission’s expert evaluators)
  • what kind of advisors or board members should you try to attract and when
  • how to ensure your outsourced sw partner isn’t just faking things
  • how to successfully exhibit at a trade show and walk away with resell interest from 40+ countries
  • how to get newspapers, magazines and blogs to write about your company (including Tech Crunch)

Entertainment pov

  • my meeting with an “investor” who proposed a money laundering scheme
  • being interviewed for Chinese TV and getting recognised everywhere afterwards
  • meeting communist party leaders
  • having a competitor fake Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis loving my product so that they could be sent one to test
  • an “advisor” who wanted to travel the world and have me pay for everything
  • people pretending having bought my product and threatening to write a bad review unless I sent them a new one

Thank you!