Any others in the Industrial Automation Field?

by DMac-77. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    2    3

Im considering starting an industry automation integration company. Would love advice!

My background: I’ve got a great deal of experience in PID controls and logic for high precision hydraulics. My background is in electrical engineering but I’ve done a bit of sales as well.

What I’m looking for: I’d love to find others to compliment my skill set and help start a successful automation integration company. Sales, mechanical/hydraulic engineering, electricians, really anyone willing to work hard and can bring a new skill set to the party.

I’ve got a fair number of contacts in the industry and have been considering venturing out on my own but would like to make the jump with others to provide a more holistic service from the get-go.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!


nippletumor 2

I went out on my own after 15 years working for a couple different machine builders and integration services in the automation capitol of michigan.
Not gonna say it's easy but I don't think I will ever go back to working for someone else...
If you do make the decision to start your own business, don't be afraid to outsource stuff initially. You'll eat it in the profit margin initially but you will be able to develop a solid supply chain and keep out of servicing costly capital purchases early on. Feel free to give me a PM.

IntrepidStorage 2

Sounds interesting.

I'm in chemical/process, I'm the one who tells you I&E guys what the control loops have to do in the first place. So probably completely replaceable by anyone on the client side, and anyway you aren't local. But I will watch with great interest.

  DMac-77 1

Thanks for the comments! Sounds interesting, how do you like the industry?