Any (successful) businessman/woman here also believe in God? But others are also welcome. I mostly want to learn about mindset.

by KhuyenT. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    3

So I quitted my white-collar job a couple of years ago, and before the pandemic, I provided two services (which are not related to each other). Due to the pandemic, one service (the one which earn more money) doesn’t work, because it’s completely depend on if borders open. And I don’t think it could recover as before even if after borders open.

Another service still can operate but it mostly sustains myself (still thank God).

Both services can’t have recurring Clients, they could refer others to me, but they mostly don’t need it again. I stumbled upon them rather than they are my calling, and they didn’t require capital, mostly just time and learning. Thus, they worked for me, but they won’t on long term run.

I don’t know exactly what is my calling, I’ve been praying about it for years. I have double-mindedness, at one point I want to do this (or think this is my calling), and another time it would change.

I know the point of business is to solve problems, and I’ve written problems I want to fix, however, again, I’m not certain. And some problem I don’t see the way to monetize it. Such as: overuse of plastic bags and products in my home country. Since it’s not about creating eco-friendly products, it’s more about raising awareness.

I enjoy writing/journalism and can create simple operational Wordpress by myself.


So my questions are:

  • Do you know your calling and do according to your calling in your work/business? Or is it about calling?

  • What can you advise about double-mindedness?

  • What do you advise to learn? Bible verses/book/material?

Thank for your help!


AhelpinHand 1

Customers won’t need the service again ? If it a brick and motor store then this is a bad business model, you’ll eventually run out of customers. Not really sure what God has to do with any of this, but I’d suggest posting your business and business model and get some more input from there

  KhuyenT 1

Well, one of my services is to help Client to acquire background check (to see if they have criminal record or not). They mostly need it once to either apply for job/visa/immigration then don't need anymore.

Another is to provide logistics services for filming crews come from abroad to Vietnam. However, due to borders closing so they can't enter. Also, filming is expensive and most of the time they just come once.

VikingSaturday 1

It sounds like OP is talking more about a service than a product. For example, a drug treatment center would be seen as more successful from a client standpoint if previous clients don't need the service again in the future, but can be sustained by previous clients referring others to the service.