Any suggestions for a Nonprofit Animal Advocacy Group?

by ASantana10. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    2    3

I have always been passionate about animals and since I have 2 dogs and a cat in my one bedroom apartment, I can no longer foster or have animals overnight during transfers so I decided to start a nonprofit to help raise money for local rescues and shelters, but also connect animals in need to resources.

As any startup, it was slow moving but I was able to organize a couple of events. When Covid hit, everything went to a screeching halt and any meetings/events I had were canceled. I have a couple resources I still work with, but the other problem is I cannot financially assist like I planned to because I don't even have enough for my 501c3 application. I raised enough money to have a logo created and buy some simple marketing items, but aside from that everything is coming out of my pocket.

My question is what is the best to approach expanding my network? I feel like I have nothing to offer because my social media is struggling (most people are hesitant to follow/like my pages because they don't understand the purpose) and right now, the best way to help local organizations is by donating, which I cannot do. I thought about about doing a virtual fundraiser, but I don't have many followers so I doubt it would have many participants.

I don't want to give up on this, but damn, Covid really messed up my momentum.


GaryARefuge 3

You should first volunteer and then get employed by a similar non profit in your area.

You have a whole lot to learn before you are running your own non profit.

Learn the ins and outs of such an organization by working inside of one. Spend time with the founder(s) and executive staff. Ask them questions. Seek them out as mentors.

AdamKyleWilson 1

👏👏👏👏👏 nailed it. Do everything this person is suggesting. Learn about the systems and industry in place and THEN contribute a new channel to it.

  ASantana10 2

This is perfect, thank you so much!