Any tips for an Instagram hiphop cover art business?

by mp_visuals. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    0    3

I work with underground rappers in Toronto, but want to know some effective tips to grow my page. Networking, etc.


Timwastingmoney 1

Hello, I own and manage many pages on Instagram with the art niche and it happens to do cover art for artists, leave me a message if you are interested!

texanrocketflame 1

Don't focus yourself on too small of a market. You should be doing cover art for anyone in the music business looking for an artists, for example.

CleanAccount69 1

I would test positioning on this, actually. You’d be surprised with how much quicker you can grow sometimes when you’re not trying to be all things for everyone and focus on a specific niche.

I’m not in the art game, but this is true across most industries.