Any tips with security against burglars? My shop was hit twice the past 2 weeks and burglars seem to still be in the area. Not able to move right now but planning to soon.

by irvmtb. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    11    31

My business office space was broken into in late August. My windows are heavily tinted and I thought it was safe enough during the 1.5 years I’ve been there. But then they tried to break in again 10 days later, they smashed the glass door but I installed alarms that must’ve scared them away.

I installed some cloud-based cameras and I’ve been seeing shady people hovering around the area late at night and early morning these past days. I’ve called the non-emergency police number a couple of times just this weekend to ask if they can drive by and I’m guessing that must’ve prevented another break-in. I plan on moving out before the year is over, but in the meantime are there any tips other business owners here could recommend? So far I’ve installed a couple of cloud-based cameras, motion sensor lights inside, glass break alarms. Brighter lights outside. I’m thinking of adding motion sensor lights outside too and maybe an outdoor cloud camera too. TIA.



If they are coming through the back door, just put raw electricity to the gate or door handles, plug into the socket n have wires connected to the steel things on the gate. In the morning, unplug n leave t gate alone for 5 min. If In front put an extra loud alarm siren, one inside n outside. Make it difficult for them to break in with the alarm going off.


My space is quite ugly so I only have the front door. Electrifying the door would be cool but might get me before any thieves. Maybe high voltage low current could work to just keep them away.

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Making a boobie trap is illegal and can land you in serious hot water.

You're better off getting a couple of friends to camp out in the store overnight. Take turns on watch, and protect what is yours with force.

They will give up hitting the store once they know there's a danger of a dirt nap.


Set a dye trap, where if they break in they get drenched and the police get called. I have no idea if this is legal, even if it seems pretty ethical. What state are you in?

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It's considered a booby.trap. and it's not. God forbid they get hurt some how, you could go to jail for 20 years

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Hw long ll u get ur friends to camp around ur store.
A thief can just walk pass u, keep doing it for days.
How long ll u live like that. Just make things difficult for them. What u do inside ur property is ur business. As long as its not outside.

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3m security film on all windows. Make sure you have motion alerts setup on cameras. Id even put 1200lb mag locks on the doors.

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Motion alerts are set... they might be a bit too sensitive at the moment though, but I’d rather that than the other way around. Locks I’ll probably skip since the 2 break ins so far were through the glass. 3M security film sounds promising, thanks.

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You could pay for the security patrols that pass by every so often and they even will come out at the hint of a burglary happening assuming they're connected to your alarm/system.

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Thanks, this might work since I only need it for the short term. Just tonight there were 2 shady men who walked up right to my shop’s door and I thought they were going to break in, but maybe the brighter lights made them pause. I don’t like calling the non-emergency police number just for suspicious people/activity (I don’t want to end up like the boy who cried wolf... although I did just have 2 recent break-ins and CCTV showed similar behavior and schedules). I hope hired security isn’t too expensive though, I’ll look it up later after I get some sleep. If it’s too expensive maybe I’m better off doing the patrolling lol. Or maybe flip my work schedules around and be at the shop at night for a week or two until I can move.

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You should put one of those cloud cameras inside. One that alerts your phone. Also get one of those camera/ microphone units that dog lovers use to call their dogs while they're at work. Put it behind the counter or in the bathroom at the office. Set that up to your phone too. When they brake in, the camera will ring your phone. You open the dog-microphone app and start talking to the burglars. Lol 😉 hopefully they'd think you're in the other room and get the hell out a there.

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Cool, I’ve installed a couple of cameras. I checked the feature you mentioned and I could do it with the intercom function. I’ll keep in handy just in case.

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Could work but if they match or escalate, I could easily be outnumbered :|

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That's why you need a battle buddy.

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Install rooftop Koreans.

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Nice... I wonder if there are actually locals who might want to

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Local police are doing a solid, drove by after I reported suspicious activity to the non-emergency number. The cruiser actually stopped in front of my shop for a while and the police officer got down, hopefully it makes a difference even if just for tonight.

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What do you keep inside? I'm hoping you can take home anything of value at the end of the day.

But if there's expensive equipment and whatnot, maybe figure out a way to get it bolted down or secured?

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The most valuable for me (my mountain bike that I upgraded myself through the past year) has already been stolen, that was the first target and they got it the one time the bike was there (our ride got postponed for the next day). Right now there’s some inventory but mostly $50-100 items. I’ve taken home the higher value items after the first time they broke in. Now looking for a storage unit so I can move everything in the next few days. Really annoying. Also I’m monitoring cameras right now and it feels like they are scoping the lights I added and something might go down tonight :(

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more lights and more cameras will only do so much when they can just cover their faces. Regardless of where you set the business up there will always be 4 ways they can get in. Front entrance, back entrance, walls shared with neighboring business, and the ceiling. The likelihood of them going through any of these directions depends on how lucrative of a job it is vs ease of access.

Your front should at least have a scissor gate. Once you get the front measurements you can find the right size online and be able to install it yourself (far cheaper vs continuous insurance claims and you can bring it with you when you move).

If you have a back exit, you should have at least some sort of door bar preventing someone from just taking a sledgehammer to the handle or prying the door itself.

Shared walls can be tricky, but if you know what's on the other side by visiting your neighbors, you should get a feel for what areas are most likely to be exploited and try to at least make it more difficult on your side with appropriately placed obstacles.

Finally the ceiling. If they're going to come in from the ceiling, it means whatever you have is worth the hassle. Which also means that you need to not be storing it in there AND there is a good chance that someone has a source to privileged information.

Bottom line is that if they want in, they're going to get in. You want to make it as unappealing as possible. A would be burglar wants to get in and out as fast as possible, so even if you light the place up like a christmas tree, it's still going to be a quick job if glass and drywall is all they're up against.

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Thanks. I’m at the shop now adding lights. I’ve noticed a shady SUV across the street that moved but both times with my shop in view. Noticed 2 men passing by the side walk like they want up the street then back within minutes. One paused almost in front of the shop and was looking at its direction. Nothing special and worth looking at here, just black tinted glass like it’s a shuttered business. It really sucks.

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black tinted glass on a storefront is going to be attractive to anyone casing a spot. If they can't see what's inside, then that means as long as they can get in and are careful with their flashlight, no one else can see they're in there either.

Whenever it comes to security, imagine your store has 100k in cash sitting in there. Now make a plan to steal it. How would you do it? Go from outlandish Ocean's 11 style down to a single tweaker with a rock and nothing to lose. How many people know about the 100k? How much do they know about your opsec? How much can you trust them? How many tools and which kind would they need? How far away is your store from safely escaping?

Obviously the Ocean's 11 crew are getting the 100k, but as you work your way down in plausible scenarios, you'll find that the more you deter each weakness, the more likely you are going to be untouched.

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Thanks for the comment about the black tint. Originally I thought it kept my shop uninteresting. But I guess they discovered it has potential since breaking in the first time. I have now removed blinds and have motion detector lights inside the store too so it’ll be bright and visible if anyone enters at night.

In terms of stealing something inside, yeah it would really be easy with the glass windows and doors. Both attempts were rocks thrown at the door glass. Tbh I would’ve been ok not having anything glass just to be more secure. I’ve thought about adding a gate, but I might just leave this spot instead of spending more on it.

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Bright motion lights with big signs that say you’re on camera


This doesn't really work with determined criminals, especially those with experience.


Thanks for pointing that out nobody would have ever guessed 😂

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Agreed... but at this point I just want to add some difficulty and increase the risk for them short term. Mid-term I still plan to leave.

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Thanks. I’ll add two or 3 more to the front of the shop. That’s the only entry point, 2 glass windows and a glass door.