Any users of Stripe? - Collecting information for a study

by TomatoPotato13. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    3

Hey everyone,

I'm doing a personal project and speaking to Stripe users to better understand the product, where they are not as good as their competitors, and also what you love about the product.

I know this is a big ask from a stranger and definitely fingers crossed on this :)

PM me if you're okay with sharing your time, I would be more than appreciative and let me know if you're interested in any topics and maybe I could trade stories.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Stripe haha


Millionaire_ 1

Send you questions over

RossDCurrie 1

Stripe is awesome. Nuff said.

onedough 1

You totally sound like you work for stripe lol. What benefit would you get out of this knowledge?