Anyone else having issues with Fedex and UPS sending limited trailers for small parcel pick ups ?

by ryjw89. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    1

I'm not sure if this is an Ontario, California area problem only, but both UPS and Fedex don't have enough trailers to send to our DC for picking up small parcel shipment.

Any software out there that will route order to those small parcel carriers that have demand capacity? or other solutions to recommend?


Toxcito 2

I used to work at the Ontario Post Office. You can submit a package pickup request every day, and your mail carrier is required to pick them up no matter what. If they don't and you filled out a request, call the office and inform the supervisor. If this happens and you need to get them shipped, you can just drive through the left gate of the office on Holt and drop your stuff on the dock before 6:00PM.

USPS specializes in smaller repeat orders, they have to come to your building every day anyway.