Anyone else having issues with Fedex and UPS sending limited trailers for small parcel pick ups ?

by ryjw89. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    2    1

I'm not sure if this is an Ontario, California area problem only, but both UPS and Fedex don't have enough trailers to send to our DC for picking up small parcel shipment.

Any software out there that will route order to those small parcel carriers that have demand capacity? or other solutions to recommend?


Bestclevername 1

Their capacity is, how do i put this, more ON THE FLY than that. Build a better relationship with the center and supervisors, let em know what you got for the day and they should, according to their own guidelines and principles, pick up their customers. Other than that, you can rent your own truck and take it to the hub your self. Sucks that you may have to resort to that, but UPS sucks balls sometimes in this regard. They leave their long term, paying customer out and straight up don't pick up sometimes.