Anyone found a good, cheap payroll service?

by Oh-ayetch. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    6    41

The cheapest I can find is around $30 plus $4-5 per employee. It seems like it could be cheaper. Has anyone found a better option?


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I have used Patriot Software full service payroll ( for several years and I have been very happy with the service. It is easy to use and they are quick to implement changes for new regulations. $30.00/month plus $4.00 per employee

The-darth-knight 1

We used Paychex and they completely screwed us over by missing/ignoring major compliance issues that they were in charge of.

We use ADP, and have nothing bad to say.

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I use QuickBooks online full service, think it’s $99/month plus an employee surcharge. Use it with TSheets time clock.

After reading this thread, need to find out why gusto is so popular.

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Payroll Pros

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What are the key differences between adp and gusto? We have 20 employees and use adp, it’s expensive but it seems overwhelming to make a switch. We have payroll / healthcare / benefits and 401k all thru adp. Gusto seems like it could save a lot on cost though.

miss_six_o_clock 2

We switched from ADP to Gusto with minimal headache, though ADP was salty enough to make it hard to retrieve records later. So my advice would be to switch at the end of the year, and download all of your reports first.

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Thank you! Are you happy after the switch? We tend to use ADPs Helpdesk all the time and it’s pretty much 24/7 which is so helpful.... how is Gusto support?

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I'm with a PEO now, but before I had good experience with Gusto.

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I can't say enough good things about [Wagepoint] - they're fantastic! (

They're cheap - it's a base fee of $24 per pay cycle, plus a small fee per employee - but it's all web-based, super easy to navigate, and (most importantly) they're super responsive for when you need help. Like, "I submitted a ticket 45 mins ago and already have an email response" fast...and you're actually dealing with a single person on the other end of the email, not a bottomless general queue.

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I do my own. I figure it takes about 25 hours a year for 15 employees on a bi-weekly payroll, including time to transfer funds for payroll taxes and filing 941s and W2s and all that. A service would cost $2300 a year or so, and my in-house costs are a lot less than $93.60 per hour.

I use ZPay to calculate the withholdings. It's not Saas, so I'm just paying $45 a year for it.


ADP. They give you access to a lawyer for employment related issues. Saved us a few times.

LooksAtClouds 4

I've had ADP for over 20 years. I'm extremely disappointed in them the last 4-5 years. They don't seem to have their act together at all. I just got a notification that "your payroll will be paperless from now on"! It's been paperless for 3 years! And my rep changes every 3 months to a new bright-eyed young person who can't answer my questions.

Five years ago I would have recommended them with no hesitation but they've screwed up repeatedly since then. I get big discounts because of this so I stick with them but will be glad when we close our business down in a few years (FI-ROT (retiring on time)!) and I'm done.

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They are fine until you have an issue. No reason to deal with such a giant company for your payroll.

LooksAtClouds 1

We have had employees off and on in 35 states, ADP kept it all straight for years. Every issue was dealt with competently by people who'd been there for years. Problems with state UI or tax easily resolved once they knew ADP was doing our reporting. But in the last 5 years ADP has changed.

Although I have to say their PPP info and reporting, as well as the way they're trying to handle every weird change (like payroll tax deferral) pushed by Trump or Congress, has been pretty good.

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Where is everyone from? My dad and I run a small payroll business in MA. We’ve been in business 30 years and have clients that have been with us from the beginning. My dad has an MBA and I have an MSA and am a CPA. I was an IRS agent and did time in the public sector doing taxes. Our backgrounds allow us to help our clients with more than just Payroll. We keep up to date with changing laws and reach out to our clients if we think they may benefit.
New England Payroll Inc.

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Do you do any business in Texas?

-LyLy1219- 1

No mostly MA and CT.
New England Payroll

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Cheap isn’t good.
Good isn’t cheap.

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We use Gusto, and I always thought it was a bargain. Local payroll companies charge 3-4x Gusto's prices.

I strongly encourage you to think about what you could possibly give up by saving a few bucks a month. Will they miss a filing? Will they fix any errors, or will that be on you? What happens if the state sends you some random letter saying you did something wrong, will they leave you to handle it? If you have to get an accountant involved, you'd love years of savings in a couple billable hours.

We've been using Gusto since it was ZenPayroll, and we've had a few issues pop up with the state. One was our fault, one was Gusto's fault... a couple were nobody's fault. Regardless of what, who, why, Gusto just took care of them. All of them. And quickly, too.

Not only that, they created PPP reports in a day to help us apply for the program, and are always adding new features to the system like time tracking and benefits.

Sure, you could always save a few bucks and do it yourself or by finding some ultra-cheap provider, but if you mess one thing up you'll be wishing you had gone with a more reputable company.

vsdrums 2

Very happy w Gusto, well worth the $$$

Jesusisajedi 2

I use Square. I think the cost is same as you posted. I find it’s pretty easy to use and cheaper than Paychexs

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Gusto is reasonable, intuitive and modern

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Is it $30 a month or every time you run payroll its $30 plus the $4 per employee?

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Is that per payroll period?

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I’ll be here just incase someone answers

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Payroll companies go upside down all the time and when they do, the employer is still on the hook for the taxes.

Don’t skimp on your payroll company. Paychex, ADP, Paylocity, maybe a few others. Plus they can help with other labor related functions on an a-la-carte basis.

The rest are potential Ponzi schemes waiting to happen. Dodge that bullet.

RantingCucumber 6

As an IRS Enrolled Agent that represents people with payroll tax debts, let me unequivocally state: Don't be a cheapskate!

I use Gusto.


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Good and cheap don't normally go hand in hand...

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Good, cheap, fast.. You're only allowed to pick two.

tfox-mi 26

Just my two cents...

If you're going to outsource this function, is "cheap" really the criteria you want to use to make a decision?

Your payroll service is going to be handling all of your employment taxes, filings, compliance and related functions. I'd much rather find "the best" and not "the cheapest" unless you like tangling with the tax authorities.

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I’ll do it for $3.50

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I See you loch ness monster

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I like Gusto, feel free to message me for details

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How does Gusto interact with Quickbooks? I currently do payroll through Quickbooks, but I like the idea of Gusto because of the additional hr/benefits it allows once I grow.

travelingforce 2

For Quickbooks online it’s direct. For Quickbooks desktop it allows you to download an IIF file which you upload to QuickBooks. Only annoying part is it doesn’t allow you to easily map out multiple tax accounts (fed Medicare as) and just does one account for that. Otherwise simple.

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I second Gusto.

Student8528 5

Third for Gusto. Shit, I would pay more for their services than they charge.

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Gusto, if you are reading this thread, u/Student8528 is kidding.

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Haha. Yes! Gusto, don't raise prices :) In fact, I'd love to see price come down for my contractors since it's effectively doing direct deposit. I understand there's considerably more involved for employees which is why I happily pay for your service for our employee payroll.

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Thank you Cpt., doing the lords work