Anyone have any experience on the hardships or issues with selling tobacco products online within the U.S.?

by cinco_cinco_cinco. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    1

Hey friends

I've found a market that is relatively untapped in the U.S. that involves selling tobacco products on a subscription basis.

According to my research and experiences, tobacco products must be sent with age verification with third party courier such as USPS, FedEx etc.

I know that tobacco laws vary heavily between state to state, and with new restrictions placed every year on flavoring, nicotine content etc.

This turbulent landscape makes me a bit uneasy from a legal standpoint, and even though I know there is a market for the product, im afraid that there are "hidden costs" as well as legal loopholes that im missing to see.

Does anyone here have any experience with selling tobacco online within the U.S.?


Harshit_karakoti 2

It's very hard to sell tobacco products online in US