Anyone in the packaged food business, I would love to ask you some questions if you have some time.

by MouldyArtist917. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    3    9

I have developped a business plan, and gone as far as I can with my idea. I have a few dwelling questions that would immensely help me. I can pay, as I understand I would be using your time.


Thank you so much everyone.


t3hlulzkiller 1

I am in the fresh produce and packaged ingredient space selling to major grocery chains - what can I help you with?

Justice_TM 1

I have a friend who developed a beef jerky recipe that was very good. Instead of opening his own smokehouse, he found a co-packer to make his jerky in an existing usda inspected facility.

In my friends case, his jerky tasted totally different and I think it was a big mistake. In general though, finding a place that will make your product is a big savings to your startup cost.

Once you have a reliable production facility, you need to find customers, and that means grocery stores, gas stations, vending machines and restaurants. You will have to reach out to many people to demo your product with them. Good luck.

Zedehene 1

I’m in the packaged meats business (Canada), happy to chat

theaashes 1

We are developing a herbal chocolate currently. Dm me and if you would like more info / assistance.

TeaGuru 2

What's the questions? I own multiple packaged food businesses.

TeaGuru 1

Beef jerky, nuts, chocolate, tea, spice blends, misc confections.

YoungG1997 1

Where you source your packaging? You do your own distribution? Are retails your biggest client because shelf space cost quite a bit (10-25k in TX)

TeaGuru 2

All over. Every product type gets packaging from a different vendor. Google and compare.

Small reatil, private label, subscription boxes, gift boxes and DTC online. I don't pay for shelf space and am not in any chains. Not against it but not part of my current model.

traveling_man_44 2

What kind of food? Chips, curries, freeze dried mash potato or what? Big difference.