Anyone interested to be a BETA tester for my smart note taking application for online meetings?

by dasatmadeep. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    26    19

Hello guys,

I am a developer and I am working on this project ReChord. I started to work on this from last 4 months and I am looking for user feedback.

So here is a one liner for ReChord - ReChord is an AI-powered smart note taking application for your online meetings.

How does it work? - ReChord connects with your online meeting platforms like Google Meet, Teams, Zoom etc and at the end of the meeting you get the transcript, highlights, action points, summary etc.

Here are the features for the first version of the product -

  1. Customised AI bot that you can name and it will join your online meetings.
  2. Record the call
  3. Give full transcript along with speaker information
  4. Summary of the meeting
  5. Highlights, Action Items, Questions, Metrics
  6. Topics + Keyword tracker
  7. Share meeting details with participants.

Currently we are onboarding users for our product with private Beta only. Here is the link to book a demo with us.

We will show you how the product works and also onboard you at the same time.

Really excited to show you and get your feedback.


watermelon-bisque 1

I might test

watermelon-bisque 1

Sounds interesting

mambavino0824 1

I’ll test

forfar4 1

I've booked a demo for next week. Keen to see how it could be used with a couple of organizations I sit on the board of.

  dasatmadeep 1

Great, would love to show you the product.

aguevara92 1

Oh god I need this.. I am a PM and should taking notes of all my meetings but i hate it!! Im interested!!🔥

  dasatmadeep 1

Please schedule a demo with us, we will show you the product and also onboard you. Here is the link -

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PresidentReavis 1

I'll be a beta tester!

  dasatmadeep 1

>Please schedule a demo with us for Private Beta testing -

  dasatmadeep 1

Please schedule a call with us, we will onboard you and show you the tool. Link here -

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SecondFirst30 1

I would like to connect with you, I am looking for developers with lots of experience on AI and Machine Learning.

  dasatmadeep 1

You can send me a private message

Tugeuss 1

This sounds super interesting. I’m down. Pm me if you’d like

Sky_Linx 1

I don't have meetings often (I'm a team of one) but this sounds cool. Best of luck!

dkachu 2

How does this deal with privacy?

  dasatmadeep 6

We are based in Amsterdam and we are following strict EU rules and also we will be creating our own trust centre. Apart from that our primary target is to be 100% GDPR compliant.

traficdesoseste 3

I will definitely contact you in the future. I'm developing a consultancy service business.