Anyone know a LEGO wholesaler in europe?

by Wobzter. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    0    6

Hi anyone here do wholesale for Lego products in Europe or knows a supplier? Thanks in advance


today05 1

Lego is European, they even manufacture in the them, and ask who their distributor is for your country

  Wobzter 1

I’ve done that but they don’t reply :(

today05 2

Call them :) btw, they have local contacts on their website. Also a quick Google search resulted in 3 wholesalers on the first page alone.

  Wobzter 1

I’ve called them and they also don’t pick up and for the ones I have found on google can’t supply in large quantities.

today05 1

To be honest, if you want large quantities, just drop them an email, your company details, show them you are serious. Where are you located at?