Anyone Own a Co-Working Space?

by weagle01. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    4    15

With COVID shifting more jobs remote I think Co-working is going to become more popular. Anyone has experiences to share regarding starting a co-working space?

Edit: I’m not going to open this during COVID. I’m not an idiot.


ImmenatizingEschaton 1

You could name it something catchy too... like “us work” or something...

  weagle01 4

Hey that’s an amazing idea. I would’ve never thought of us work. Fuck yeah

madkungfu 1

I think COVID has killed this business model for at least a decade. Be careful

girliegirl80 20

I’m trying to understand your thinking behind this. Jobs are becoming remote because employees are uncomfortable going back into an office atmosphere during a pandemic. How exactly is going into another third party office any different??

YodaCodar 1

\^ this

  weagle01 1

Of course I’m not going to open a cowork space during a pandemic. This is going to greatly change how people work after the pandemic. Many companies will realize they don’t need to pay high real estate costs and mandate everyone stay in an office. I’ve been a remote employee for 10 years and it’s great, but I still want to get out of the house some. There are about to be many more people like me.

z64dan 8

I think the idea is that:

Company has 200 employees that come in to work.

Company goes work-from-home during Covid.

Decides they don't actually need to lease that office space, so the company goes totally work-from-home permanently.

Some employees DON'T have a good work-from-home situation (loud kids, loud roommates, loud neighbors, no space, whatever).

Those employees need a co-working space (perhaps funded by the company as an option).

HaroldKid 2

I think that one of the main competitors in this space would be local coffee shops. Starbucks, Panera, and plenty of other massive multinational corporations have been catering to working professionals for some time now, and I think more so than ever they will continue to chase this alternate revenue stream by providing supplementary services like subscription coffee programs and access to better amenities (ie. high speed wifi and better seating).

That being said, coworking spaces still have the edge when it comes to equipment and space rentals, as well as networking opportunities.

  weagle01 2

I own a coffee shop, that is what’s sparking this idea. Coffee shops are not ideal to work in. They can be loud and distracting.

IncredibleCO 1

I want a co-working space with a barista.

  weagle01 2

Right? Much better than just having a Kurig...

mgodard1138 3

That’s exactly what my business is. I started roasting coffee in 2004. Opened my first café in 2006. Opened my first CoWorks in 2019. It’s been great.

IncredibleCO 2


Nice! I'm a big fan of the 'palette of spaces'. Sometimes I need a couch, sometimes a table, sometimes a desk, sometimes just a phonebooth.


I might suggest, for a guy with a physical space, to put your address somewhere on your site. I found it in the fine print on the scheduling page, but I wasn't sure where you were.


I'll keep an eye out for your Colorado location. ;)

ImNotKyleWasTaken 5

Yeah I think this is what OP was trying to say - I know plenty of people who prefer an office space because its more productive and away from distractions.

z64dan 2

Yeah I think during the pandemic co-working won't be much more busy (because of people wanting to stay safe) but when a vaccine comes out or when cases go down locally it will probably be more popular.