Anyone shoot quick 2 minute personalized videos to send to cold outreach prospects instead of traditional text based messages?

by FlippinFlags. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    6

Selfie style, with your face.. customers name and your pitch, call to action, etc?

Does anyone do this?

How does it perform compared to traditional text based messages?

What marketing channels are you using?



I know this isn't directly related to your post but a Youtube channel did something similar and helped a potential candidate land his dream job. They went quite overboard for this but will give you an idea on how much impact a video has to help you stand out.

Here the Video

texanrocketflame 1

I knew this was going to be the Yes Theory video...

I don't think using a channel that has MILLIONS of followers is comparable to the average Joe...

johnshykh 1

Also, I usually work with video projects for my clients so I understand the impact a video can have on the viewer.

johnshykh 1

I understand that a channel with millions of followers and an average joe is not comparable. My point was to just show the emphasis of standing out from the crowd and do something that no one else is doing.

billyandersin 1

Very disappointed.

I thought it would be drastically more effective.

Then I realized: if someone sends me a 2 min video, it get annoyed. I don't want to watch the video. Heck, don't send me your audio. GTFO.

So now I'm sending people long stuff they cannot skim or skip.

I prefer text because I can skim it real quick.

Some people liked it. It was personal. But recording a 2 min video per person takes longer than writing a short personal text message.

In my experience, it's better to really customise text messages, build rapport and liking.. then take it from there.

Just my 2 cents.

  FlippinFlags 1

Was this for B2B or B2C? Were you doing selfie style or screen share?