Anyone want to help me build a dating app for crippled people?

by hurtsdonut_. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    0    15

I don't care about profiting off of it. Just trying to help a buddy.



Hello everyone.
I'm a mobile application developer from India.

I have experience in creating and developing new features for android, iOS and web apps using flutter. I am also very skilful in shipping them into different groups with high satisfaction. I have experience of working with other clients as well.

I have been in this sector for more than 2 years now and pretty well experienced in creating apps by using the proper app languages. I have high proficiency in coding and programming as I have a bachelor degree in Computer science.

I can initiate a project skillfully and maintain the consistency diplomatically.

If any business owner or emerging entrepreneurs want to develop their mobile application for iOS and android device or web application or anyone interested in collaboration with me by providing me your clients also can contact me.

hereforthekix 1

Maybe approach Tinder and Plenty of Fish to sell them the idea

anandtommy 1

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wascleanbutdirtynow 1

Set it up Without an app, just a website, and then get the word out there...but do your market research, this issue may already be catered for, not that that should put u off

Saruvat 1

Do you need an app to reach your goal... Why not start with an FB group/page and go from there? Doesn't have to be just for dating either. A place for similar individuals to talk. Or maybe even a subreddit haha.

I admire your intention to help your buddy. Just not sure if an app is the right way to go about it.

OscuroMano 1

Lol, I'm in the same boat honestly. I just want to make applications, but the whole advertising crap takes tons of money. I've made an IOS app that answers common questions on the internet and gives very simple clips on how to do something. It still needs a lot of work, but wants the point if I can't get recognition? My aim for making programs/apps is what could potentially blow up without much or any advertising, I feel like thats a good mindset for people who don't have much capital to work with.

AnonJian 1

Usually somebody posts a fragment of a shower thought, hoping for others to erect a business around it. And I'll do my part and put in the thirty seconds or minute the OP never did.

I'm not really interested in this so I won't write the post you should have. There is no idea here. No insight into the dating scene. Maybe there are dozens of apps for this. Maybe any dating board has a section for just this -- but they actually took some time to look into the situation, find a problem, then develop a viable solution.

Where is yours? Because if you can't do a successful search query, it's doubtful you'll go on to conduct successful business. As you explain your only consideration, Kickstarter has funded shitier things. So be it. Get thee to a kickstarter. Go shit on customers.

Just do it.

unequal_equilibrium 4

First piece of advice, don’t use the term “crippled people”.

calemedia 5

Do you got about a million dollars to market it? Because without advertising it’s a dead app


I do not. I've seen Kickstarters for far shittier things though. But whatever. I was just throwing the idea out there.

calemedia 5

I don’t mean to discourage you but without a huge budget it will just be a dead app I’ve seen it a million times


IDK seems like niche that has no answer. You don't need to discourage me. I'm just sick of seeing my buddy who has cerebral palsy and worked his way through law school struggling so hard to find someone. There's got to be people out there.

calemedia 4

You can actually go to codecayon and but the app you want for about $20 and pay someone about $200 to reskin it and bam your up and running but it’s going to be a dead app without advertisements man, but maybe you can make it happen, I wish you and your friend the best of luck

  hurtsdonut_ 1

Thank you. I'll give it a shot. I figure you can either have money to do it or make it go viral. What a better place than here?