App developing software for non coder.

by just-one-life. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    7

Is there any software where you can easily create an app like there is WordPress for creating websites easily? With zero knowledge of coding.



Whats wrong with using WordPress? It will be some sort of challenge by itself.

one_jr 1

Yes - plenty of no-code tools are popping up such as Bubble, Adalo, Thunkable, Glide, Webflow - lots to choose from depending on what you want to build!

These tools are best for MVPs as they allow for quick creation and deployment - once you scale you probably want to code something from the ground-up, dependent of course on how complex your app is.

As a start I'd recommend you check out the Makerpad community (you don't need a paid membership to access a number of their free tutorials to see what's possible, just browse around) and google for "no code" tools - you'll find plenty.


Disclosure: I use all of the above tools and am a member of the Makerpad community (for completeness: I don't receive anything from recommending any of these)

HipsterTeaLover 1

You are looking for Mendix

  just-one-life 1

I mean a simple app example an eCommerce app.

one_jr 1

See my separate reply and for ecommerce check out Shopify or Webflow.

I'd also check out mobile app builders like Adalo, Thunkable or Good Barber if you want it to be a mobile app.

Dave3of5 1

Nothing I know of for apps.

In terms of zero coding knowledge then you can either learn enough to build a simple app and start from there or get someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you.

I wouldn't do a tech business though if you have zero knowledge sounds like a good way to waste your money.

regularwackadoodle 1

There are some applications, but they basically provide you with a website that can be downloaded as an app to a device, which no one really wants. To my knowledge there's nothing to create actually useful apps for a non-coder