App startup: start small or launch globally

by dontGiveAnEfAnynore. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    1

Startup: an app that streamlines the whole process of donating to charities

Target markets: English speaking users between age of 25 to 55 in USA, New Zealand, Australia, and UK

Question: Should I launch in only one country and then scale up eventually or launch in all these countries at the same time? Also, if one country then which one would be the best one to launch such a start up in? According to my research consumer behavior in all these markets are more or less same.

I am from India so diving into any of these markets would require same level of efforts from my side. Also, my backend is Firebase, which is backend as a service with pay as you go model, so I am not too concerned about scaling issues.


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I have never donated online is it hard or something? Just curious why this is solving a problem?