Applying for an EIN number via Fax

by mondo3_a. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1    3

Has anyone recently tried applying for an EIN number via Fax? If so, how long did it take to get one? I've heard they are significantly backlogged, so the 4 day period listed online is no longer accurate. Thanks in advance.


FinnNeedsHelp 3

You can apply online, that’s guaranteed to be faster than faxing anything.

  mondo3_a 1

I don’t meet the requirements for an online application.

erikbomb 2

This ^ I recently got an EIN for a business and it took all of the three seconds after inputting the answers to the irs’s questions to load the next page to have the EIN. Don’t pay someone to do it. They will charge you out the wazoo for something that is free and instant