Are you looking for a group of entrepreneurs to boost your productivity? /Thread

by HumanityCanDoBetter. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    3    1


If you were part of a small group of entrepreneurs with which you could:

- get support in setting and reaching your goals

- regularly talk to about your current challenges

- have an honest second opinion on some of your decisions

Do you believe it would help you succeed in your business creation?

I do.

Now, are you ready to do the same for other people in this group?

If yes then post simple stuff about yourself and integrate a group or create yours here ;-)

(This is particularly for self-employed entrepreneurs)


Hey everybody!

1 and a half years ago I posted this here:

And what came out of it was a small mastermind group of entrepreneurs.

We met each week on Mondays for approximately half an hour. We shared what we had done during the past week, set our own objectives for the next one. We held each other accountable for our goals in a kind and supportive manner. And we shared knowledge of our discoveries, successes and failures along the way. I think it helped us a lot.

During Covid the group slowly stopped & now I am looking forward to find new entrepreneurs & create a new one 😊

You’re also welcome to create your own group in this thread!

What we used & found effective for our group:

- Between 3 & 5 members to have reasonably short meetings but a good variety of ideas

- A shared google document to write notes of our discussions

- Let each member write and explain their goal for the next week, and at the beginning each week we review together each other’s achievements considering their past engagements

- A structure and a time limit (not going too much above 30min is good)

About me : I am currently working full-time & remotely on a project. If you are in the same situation, I believe a small group of 3 people & 3 short calls per week (15 minutes each) would be ideal for progress & accountability !


PS : to see of your schedule is compatible with others', post your Timezone =) I am in France ( UTC +2 )


JakeDiscBrake 1

I have been thinking about a mastermind group for a long time and never got round to actually taking action. I'd be interested as long as the groups are small (up to 5 seems reasonable). I am a London based developer working full time on my 1.5 startups. UTC+1.