Awesome news today

by kingjp2468. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1    4

I just got a salary job paying 36k soon to be 38 in 6 months. I’m 19, no debt, but even though this is r/entrepreneur, I think having a stable income is so beneficial to moving forward. You need money, job history, credit, etc. to get loans and build capital. For me this is exactly what I needed. Super excited for the future.


Typical-Service-5521 1

That’s amazing, what do you do?!

  kingjp2468 1

Title is PM Assistant. I work with retail businesses with different projects

rommelcedric 1

That's awesome, man! Major achievement. Keep it up!

Typical-Service-5521 2

Some peeps have thousands of pounds of debt- haha you were smart. I can only wish you best of luck, and invest, of course ;)