Bachelors of Business vs Accounting?

by van217. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    0    11

So I’m going to University for Accounting and after getting my Diploma in Accounting, I can get either the Bachelors of Accounting or Bachelors of Business.

Which one would be better for me? Ideally my goal is to have my own bookkeeping and payroll business in the future. I want to have my own business. Ideally I would like to get a few years experience at a small firm first. The Bachelors of Business doesn’t meet the CPA requirements unlike the Accounting degree but that doesn’t really matter since I am not thinking about getting my CPA anyways. You don’t need a CPA for bookkeeping and payroll. The Bachelors of business doesn’t have 3 CPA courses that the Accounting degree has but I can also take those 3 classes later if I ever change my mind about getting CPA. Also the Bachelors of business can be done a little faster ( 4-6 months quicker)

Would I be able to get a Accounting job with Bachelors of Business. How different is the Business degree compared to Accounting degree? I feel that the Bachelors of Business would be better since I want to own a business and that I just want to do Bookkeeping and payroll, I feel the Bachelors of Accounting would be too much in depth Accounting that I wouldn’t need.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.


TV2693 1

Accounting would supply you with more job specific training(eh kind of) so I would go with that.

Make sure you are proactive with either finding an internship or relevant job to back-up your education. So much of accounting is through software these days so you don't 100% necessarily need to go to school for years to work in it for a job.

In my corporate office, I am not sure that all of the financial department has secondary education.

aftermath_staff00 1

Definitely accounting. It would be a fallback degree...Accountant or Auditor.

Putrid-Excitement 1

I hear bookkeepers don't make good business people. Finance people make great business people

tasselle 1

Curious about this as im considering a bookkeeping business (I am not a bookkeeper)

Putrid-Excitement 1

bookkeepers don't take risks, they do things by the book. A person in finance generates financial insights. Having a strong finance background helps to understand how to properly utilize their cash. This type of person should be great for understanding how to generate profit, and setting the business up to widen it's profit margins, and cut down cost.

There are a lot of ceo skills to set up a proper marketing process, product development process, finance, and so on. The right ceo skills is necessary to control the business operation. The level above that is the executive skills, making the right executive moves. Imo, an entrepreneur has to have good top down think, good ability to lead, and organize and do things by the books. imo, it seems like a 180 of book keeping. But, idk.

tasselle 1

Thank you for such an in depth response-- It is definitely food for thought!

SiteRight_co 1

If your trying to become an accountant then I would go for the accounting major. Otherwise, once you get to the "real" world, especially if your running your own business, stuff like that doesn't matter at all.

  van217 1

I’m not trying to became an accountant. I’m the first person in my family to go to university and I want to go to university and start a bookkeeping business as a step into business.

I want to became a business owner. I want to own a bookkeeping firm and scale it. And then venture off into other businesses.

Appreciate the advice, will keep this in mind.

SiteRight_co 1

As business owners we usually have to be able to operate in every aspect of the business. Accounting, marketing, engineering, advertising, design etc.

So my advice would be to try and take as many classes as you can in multiple different subjects to expose yourself to all that is out there.

Use University as a way to explore, engage and utilize the knowledge that your being taught and apply it to a something of your own.

(source: I have a business degree and took a bunch of classes during college and have now owned and operated multiple businesses over the years)

kippypapa 2

I don’t see why you are limiting your horizons by shooting for a bookkeeping career over a CPA career. A bachelors in business is considered a general degree that’s not very marketable.

Accounting is going to give you better job prospects and better business prospects. Add a few finance courses in as well to understand investments and you’re in a good spot.

YellowImpossible 2

I would say Bachelors of Businesses since you want to own a business.

It will help you manage a business and grow a business. My uncle has a bookkeeping firm and doesn’t have a CPA, he was making 250k at 22. He just focuses on marketing and management.

A lot of successful bookkeeping firms in my city don’t have CPA.

Do you want to be a business owner or do you want to do Bookkeeping as a employee within your business?