Background check for potential new hire

by biowiz. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    3

How do I go about handling a background check for a potential new hire? Am I supposed to get written approval of this from the candidate or do I only need to verbally tell the candidate I will be doing that?

Based on what I read, it seems that if we decided not to hire someone from what we see on the report, we have to make sure we notify the candidate of this and give them the opportunity to explain themselves. Is there anything more to this? Could we be liable for anything if we chose to not hire someone based on their background report and informed them of that? We've never done background checks in the past, so I'm a little apprehensive about all of this.


steelsun 1

I'd further suggest contacting a local private investigator that specializes in background checks. They'll have the forms you need.

As for as how to respond to a check that raises concerns, only an attorney can advise you on that.

GrouchyCounty 1

No one will know if you run them through Megan's laws just to be sure.

Not sure why, but I've seen places that serve children (and presumably have background checks) hire a known sex offender. So I'm not sure that shit actually shows up

steelsun 4

As someone that does these for a living: you have to have written permission, on a form separate from an application, and also provide them a copy of their rights under the fcra. Some states require further things.