Bawler is a social network with endless opportunities

by bawlerblog. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    0    2

Hello everyone,

I'm the founder of Bawler a social sharing platform for written content. Bloggers, newsletter writers, journalists, etc. find a home in

We are helping avid readers discover content and stay updated on their favorite work, as well as give social media for reading, which doesn't get better than that!

Now for the best part, Bawler helps content writers find new readers, drive traffic to their domain, monetize, connect in their niche, and grow! Our features and algorithms are made to help you grow. See:

I'm inviting everyone to join our BETA ; it's free to join and you'll help us as well as helping our writers. Bawler was recently described as a social media platform with endless opportunities! If you want to be apart of something new or build your hype on an emerging social network... JOIN US!

We've been solving similar problems to Medium and SubStack, so if you like any of those platforms, come on over and see if you could enjoy Bawler!


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Some posts are from 9 months ago and you’re still in beta?

Your big selling point is “it helps drive traffic” but that would imply the site gets traffic and looking at it I’m doubtful it gets any.

It’s also on a sub domain and that makes me think you’re not that serious and signing up is a waste of time.


We took a 5 months break earlier this year.

It's a sub domain because we are still in BETA, I didn't know there was a beta deadline. The site has more readers than it does content creators, so you do get lots of traffic!

I can't force you to sign up, but I do know that you'll one day regret not getting on Bawler early. If you have written content you need to grow, any website offering that opportunity is key!