Beat website builder?

by tattedsoldier24. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    10

Hey everyone it’s time for me to officially create my business website. Any suggestions on what coders would be best for a leather goods retailer?


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Elementor ?

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Shopify is great. It’s a nice all in one platform that has pretty much everything you need. You can also tie it into other sales channels like Facebook and Instagram.

You could also go the woo commerce route with Wordpress which will give you much more flexibility and scalability but is more effort to setup.

I have setup quite a few Shopify stores and think it’s great for what you’re looking to do.

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It ultimately depends on what you want and need.

If you want a very basic online store, DIY with minimal problems - Squarespace.

If you need more features, something highly customizable, lots of plug-ins - Shopify or WooCommerce

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If you are selling products online, Shopify. Otherwise, Squarespace.

If you have no experience building websites (I am assuming you don't), I'd hire someone to look over your SEO and CRO.

I would love to see your shop once you're done. I am a leatherworking hobbyist.

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Lol you’d be right mainly working off reddit right now haven’t had a lot of luck with Etsy

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DM your Etsy link. I'll give you some advice to get more sales starting with everything on sale for $5 (jk).

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Ok one sec

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UltimateWB - it has a built-in e-commerce app, styles manager, SEO tool, mailing list app, easy social media integration, and more.

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Thank you I’ll check them out