Becoming an official dealer for a slow cooker brand. HELP NEEDED.

by spannerfilms. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    9

tl;dr, there are no slow cookers in my home country, I want to contact a brand that I love to see if I can sell them 'officially' here, and what kind of deal can we work out.

I'm from South America, and the last time I was in the US I got myself a slow cooker after the internet hype. Damn it, was it worth it.

A few weeks ago it finally broke after five years of heavy usage. I bought the only slow cooker in my local market, a chinesium/plastic abomination that is showing signs of deterioration after a few weeks. Not to mention I'm much more hesitant to leave it plugged in and working when I'm not home.

I found the new model of my old slow cooker and the shipping plus import fees are exorbitant when buying one unit on Amazon and having it shipped, not to mention that warranties or any kind of after-sale support is non existent, if say the product arrives damaged or DOA.

Many friends have shown interest in my slow cooker (old one) and having some business experience, my own business, and occasionally importing things in small volumes to sell to colleagues or friends, I was thinking about contacting the brand and seeing if there is any way to become a vendor for them, either by negotiating a distributor pricing, getting a few units to set up my business before making a big purchase, or something like that.

I've never done anything like this, and I would like to know the correct way to do this. If I ran a big company and some weirdo from the other side of the globe sent me an email saying he wants to sell my product -and what can i do for them- it'd go directly to trash.


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If you need new and loyal clients contact me.

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As far as I know they don’t have distributors in South America but I found a couple of big box stores in Argentina and Brazil that do have them in stock (or at least older models). Think I’m gonna do that, that said my only worry was that me being a small volume seller wouldn’t get enough of their attention, or get entirely dismissed.

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What brand of slow cooker do you like?

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Crock-Pot is the one I had and the one I wanna contact. But I have InstantPot in mind in case they turn me down.

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What are you hoping to get from them as an official dealer? I don't think they will send you units on consignment. Do you have money to buy a bulk shipment? You need to contact a freight forwarder to do the importing and get a quote. As well as contacting crockpot sales to get quotes for a bulk order.

Try this link and contact them.

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Best case scenario I can get a few units on consignment,distributor pricing instead of retail, and maybe a demo unit.
Worst case I hope I can negotiate the price a bit and buy a small inventory, say around 10k usd + import and shipping.

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Email them and find out. They have departments that handle that type of stuff.

Personally I'd get pressure cookers instead as they can also slow cook too.

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The problem is that in my country there were a few hugely public pressure cooker accidents, mostly due to misuse. So even old fashioned stove top pressure cookers don't see much sales. Kinda like fans in korea (think it was korea)

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The stove top would be worse as the temperature isn't regulated as good.

Contact a few companies and just see. You might need a minimum order at first but try to presell them after contacting the manufacturer.