Beginning programmer with an idea for a startup looking for resources books/videos/lectures that will help me learn more about the business side.

by BigDog1920. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    4    10

I believe my idea falls under 'SaaS' but id like to learn more about the various business models. Also interested in tech books for entrepreneurs if you know of any as I have just learned to code and still don't know much about deploying to web servers or how to manage large projects etc. I'm just now learning Django web framework for python.


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YC recently released this compilation of amazing knowledge for starting a startup []

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Most startups fail because they run out of money ie there is no market for their product. The best bang for your buck right now is talking with potential customers to better understand the problem you’re solving. Figure out if your product is a nice-to-have or a must-have. Nice-to-have products almost always fail. As for reading, I’d recommend Running Lean by Ash Maurya.

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The best resource is working with more experienced people. I'd suggest you find some like minded people who are preferebly experienced and work with them.

As for books i would suggest "Clean code". Many many tech startups fail because their code has became unmanagable over time.

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Hi, as u/Booysenberry say.. the best you can do is to check if is market for your product/service. And doing this is not to ask you family or closest friends.

Go an talk to potential clients that you dont know, And do not feel frustrated, with each new person you talk to, you may start to encounter obstacles and walls that you have never thought of about your idea. But that is not bad, you have to turn that into learning that helps improve your product.

Python and Django are great options, But in order to answer what languaje or tech to use, we would need more information about what your product does.

if you alredy talk to costumers and users... what did they say?

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I haven't talked to anyone yet, but the idea is based in domain knowledge that I have as a member of an absolutely massive online community that constantly bitches about a certain "problem". I think I can develop software to automate that problem away completely and then charge a monthly fee to use it. That's my idea, and I'm mapping out how to do it exactly now, but I'd like to learn more about the business aspect as well: legal, how to set prices etc.

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ok, so...

how big is the problem your costumer have? how much time/money are they loosing because of that problem?

how many costumers do think you will have?

how much will you charge monthly for sour service?

when your product is much time will you spent daily on it?

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The problem is currently taking up about 70% of the potential customer's time. I think I could have millions of customers. Currently there is no competition, no one has even thought to automate what I'm talking about automating. I'm thinking $100 a month for unlimited access. Once the product is ready I don't think I will spend much time on it outside of talking to customers asking them about new features they'd like to see added etc.

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well that's great!.. is an online product? I mean they will have to access to your site login in and use the product?

Im asking because if you could have millons of users your server and code need to be 100% optimized.

you have to think about your infraestructure in servers and and pass that cost on to each client.

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Yes, my idea is people will sign in to get access to the software for a monthly fee. I've made quite a few programming projects but nothing of this scale. I have a friend who is a software engineer that is advising me on optimization.