Best domain registrar to build a custom website from scratch?

by Manureprenuer. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    14

I am going to buy a domain name for my startup, but does anyone have any suggestions on which domain agency is the best one to buy, or does it not matter?

I know GoDaddy has Wordpress but I am unsure if they are the best choice. I'd love to hear experience and recommendations. Thanks!




Analyst-Suspicious 1

You cannot use github pages, commercial use is against terms of service. Github pages are for documentation and blogs that aren't selling anything/or have ads and that sort of stuff, not to run your company website.

  Manureprenuer 1

I was reading and I saw that you could get a domain name through Azure, any thoughts? I'll look into a small orange.

BravewardSweden 1

Sounds like you are confusing domains with servers.

Whatever "domain agency" you use will have DNS settings, or Domain Name Server settings, which you can then point to a server or storage location where you can hold your site.

If you don't know this, then I would say use something super simple, like Wix or Squarespace, and point your domain toward that. You sound like you are at the level where you don't even know how websites work yet, which is don't need to be.

If you really need a custom website, then it really depends upon what you need and what you think that means. Does that mean a landing page? Or does that mean you want it to become an app?

Landing page - again, can you just use Wix or something similar? If you need more complexity than that, what do you need? Wordpress is very flexible but requires resources to maintain, and it has a lot of clunkiness to it - but you can train others to update it. You could start off with a fully hosted Wordpress site, or if you need something additional for some reason then maybe back into something like Digital Ocean and install Wordpress on there.

If you eventually will have shitloads of users, then you use tools that get you more efficiency, like - install Ngnix rather than Apache.

If you want a totally static page, then you can host that in a static location and just generate a bunch of HTML and images that sit there...that's the cheapest.

If you need an app...well what do you need the app to do? Now you're looking at using AngularJS/JQuery or Ruby on Rails or Django/Python or whatever number of open source frameworks.

Do you need the app to be enterprise based somehow? Then maybe it needs to run on a linux server with Long Term support and needs to be written in Java or .NET.

The list of possible features and requirements goes on and on...

heyitsbryanm 1

It doesn't matter much, but for the most clutter free experience I'd go with Google domains.

Otherwise, try to think of what else you'll need and find a provider that does those things better than others.

throwaway234783222 1

For a simple website godaddy or google domains are great. For a more complex topology and if you are going to use AWS, Route53 is great

babaza7 1

I personally register the domain where its currently cheaper and rent a server where I manually install everything, its usually cheaper and I got full control

LostWanderingWizard 1

I like, the renewal pricing is at least on par with namecheap.

MuzzleCream 1

I was very happy using Amazon and Lightsail. Good combination and relatively cheap. Plus gives me the option of using other AWS products should I desire.

Typical-Service-5521 1

I have good experience with WIX - I’m not creative at all or technical but it worked well for me and you can premium for a low cost (domain, SEO)

Expensive_Growth 1

namecheap, godaddy, google domains for example. Most of the time namecheap is the cheapest option in my experience.

5hakehar 1

Are you looking for Wordpress hosting ?

Analyst-Suspicious 2

What you want is a static website hosted in object storage. So S3 if you're doing AWS. For the little bit of functionality (contact me form, perhaps a shopping basket and ordering items) you go with function-as-a-service. Set up a CDN as well.

This is much more friendly to SEO, it's much faster and more reliable than any wordpress hosting etc. you'll find and it's cheap. It can literally cost you less than a dollar per month to operate a website with 50 000 monthly users.

It will also be a lot easier to manage and for example update information on it etc. yourself without having to pay anyone for the privilege or work with clunky tools straight out of 2005.

And since YOU own everything, you cannot be held hostage by anyone.

Unic0rndream5 5

I’d recommend namecheap. They’re usually cheaper anyways.

Your mixing domain registration and hosting. For hosting a Wordpress site, I’d recommend siteground, kinsta, or wpxhosting