Best email for my situation?

by gothl0rd. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0

To start off, I DO NOT want a domain email. I just need something simple. Looking for business minded people and creative people to give me advice regarding my issue please:

So I’m starting to take my art career further and I figured the best way is to utilize my following on Instagram. The point of this post is to due with my email. Yes I know it’s a small and petty thing but it makes the world of difference when people view your account and want to contact you. So I what I want ultimately is an email address which shows people commissions are open for art prices and that companies can contact me for promotions etc (I have a following). Assume my real name is Keith Long.

Should I make my email address have a business feel to it like (, (, (keithlongbusiness) OR make it have a artsy feel like (, (keithlongart). And no I don’t want to make two email addresses. I think having one for art commissions and business relations (promotions etc) all in one is better but i can’t seem to be set on which kind of email will attract both targets. Any other suggestions would be appreciated so much. I just need one which is going to be classy, have essence and longevity and appeal to both targets.

EDIT: my profile on Instagram would obviously have the link to the email in my bio.