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by who_is_dane. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    6

Hi Everyone - I hope I'm posting this in the right subreddit, if not, please do let me know!


I'm wanting to launch a website that will house anywhere from 40-60 1-3 minute long videos and in order for someone to watch the video, they have to create an account on the website. There's no charge for signing up, it's more so to limit video access to members only.


I've used Squarespace and Wix heavily. Wix has the features of a members only section but has limited customization options. SquareSpace requires a 3rd party plug in to do these things.


Is there a website builder that isn't $100 a month that can handle this? I'd prefer to stay away from Wordpress. I don't want have to deal with hosting problems and after having my "super secure" host hacked a few years ago and losing my site and all of my clients sites, I said no more wordpress.


Thank you for the info, everyone!!


webdevdavid 1

You can do it with UltimateWB. With the built-in members app, on the add/edit page you create for the video category, you can restrict access to the video pages to members only. I would use the videos app to upload videos - you can set it so that only the admin can upload videos if you want, also from the add/edit page for the video category. UltimateWB is very flexible and customizable. You can choose web hosting there, or at another server - any time you want to use another server just download your files and upload to another server. The web hosting at UltimateWB comes with free SSL and starts at under $5/month. For what you need, I think you would need the UltimateWB web hosting plans that are between $20-$40/month.

gnix_ 1

If the videos you want to share with your members are part of a course, then I suggest you to check out Teachable and Thinkific. They are both very easy to use and allow you to keep your videos private.

lacadasical 1

You can do squarespace and password protect your pages.

As for Wordpress (your best option), there is no such thing as a cheap host being secure. Shared hosting is by default insecure. Further, you can’t pick and theme or plugin without vetting them first.

jetah 1

Teachable exist.

  who_is_dane 1

Iirc, it’s pretty pricey. I’ll have to relook into it again.

localSEOxpurt 2

Check out SellfySellfy! They're great for many digital products, including training videos! Also, Teachable works well for this type of gig. Good luck and I wish you the best!