Best way to advertise?

by nasopetra. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    10

Store is a produce market (fruits and veggies), on a busy street, low income area, average customer is 50+years old.

The traffic that I get is mostly people seeing it from the street. Store is highly visible but no problem there. I want to target people that don't "happen to drive by". Will fb advertising work for this age group? Should i send flyers, and don't people just throw spam mail away these days? Send flyers with coupons? Create a rewards type of thing with a card and stamping it to get x% off on the 5th visit? Any ideas?





Don't ever pay influencers. Please. It's a waste of time and money.


Not on the places i follow😏. You must be media is a fantastic place to advertise. Especially during covid


Lol. I've grown a business nearly 10x in two years on social media. Without spending one damn dime.

Socal media is indeed a fantastic place to advertise. You are correct.

Influencers on the other hand, are a complete waste of advertising dollars for all but a very narrow range of products.


Again, depends on who you use. I know the right pages, i wish you did too😏

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Put a Purple Cow near your store:) You need to be remarkable to catch attention and make people drive 30 miles to visit your shop on purpose. Read Seth Godin - Purple Cow, it's a great book with super valuable ideas.

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30 miles is 48.28 km

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I know:) I wanted to emphasize that sometimes people are okay to drive hours to eat/see/hear something

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There is a lot of data that suggests that FB is still a good avenue for this age group. You can also target people who FB thinks live in this area and are not just "passing through".

I'm not sure like Google as much for this because I'm not sure how often someone searches "carrots near me" or something similar really helps you.

Also - if you do stuff to help the community, I'd promote the hell out of that. A lot of communities in that position are big community helpers so that may attract a good amount of people.

One other side note: It may be worth your time to come up with some recipe cards. In my experience (and this is conjecture), the lower income in the area, the less likely people are to really know how to cook, especially with fresh ingredients. Giving them some ideas would be good.

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Google and FB ads are a great idea.

Sending out postcards to everyone in a certain area may also work if it’s designed right.

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So I would wish that our local grocer created a veg basket that catered to our needs and delivered it home every week. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would value the same thing, especially the older market. I think it would be expected that you charge delivery or have a min order value. Personally, I'd go talk to these people directly on the street to see if that's something they are interested in.