Best way to find clients as a Virtual Assistant

by DallasNC828. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    3

Been doing a lot of research and wondering if anyone has any pro tips on finding clients as a virtual assistant and where’s a good place to start. Should I advertise on Craigslist in my area, Run Facebook ads, ect.

Any help is appreciated!

My background comes from automobile sales. I ran their internet department, so I have skills in digital media marketing, campaigns, generating leads, follow up and generating sales. Along with scheduling, emailing and texting customers.


tomhalejr 1

Sure... Check CL, etc., for people looking for an assistant, follow up, and see if you can fulfill at least some of those needs. This pandemic has forced a lot of people to reevaluate how things are done. I don't think you are yet at a point where spending money on advertising is sustainable, but given the current circumstances, any personal assistant offerings could potentially be virtual positions. Plus, given the emergence of the gig economy, there are many local services that could potentially be sublet by a virtual assistant.

therealslimshsdy 2

Post on Upwork and there’s another site similar to that but I can’t think of it. I found my current virtual assistant there.

onedough 3

My business is founded on creating a virtual storefront for businesses looking to branch out.

Virtual assistants seem like it would be a good fit.

I would recommend to start to get your name out there on social media and see if there are any people interested in sponsoring your idea. There may be some people looking for help and others looking for a job to do this kind of work. You may have a grand idea if organized well.