Best website developer?

by fairyloveanddust. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    5

Hi there! I am a small business owner. I sell primarily vintage and designer clothing as well as mid century modern design. I will later be including books and other trinkets.

I have experience with Shopify- I also have been trialing big commerce. Which one is best to give a customized and efficient experience for my shop style? Or should I use adobe instead? Thanks.


EliasArosemena 1

For an ecommerce store build a funnel. You can use any funnel builder you prefer or even Wordpress.

NotAnotherDesigner 2

I am a website developer, and have experience with all three. Wordpress, Shopify, and BigCommerce are the main three.

Shopify is the easiest to work with. The price is also pretty reasonable. If you have no web experience and don’t plan to hire somebody then Shopify is the way to go.

Wordpress is the most customizable. It will give you the most options for setting up your store and if you have odd products then you can design it to show them off best. Wordpress peers like 56% of the web too so it’s by far the most popular.

Big Commerce is my least favorite. It’s kind of a mixture between the two. You can customize it or you can use it as a drag and drop. The monthly charges are atrocious. The interface is also the most confusing in my opinion. From what I understand though for large retails stores showing thousands of products this would be the best option.

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Thank you so much you’re great! Will definitely take your advice.

calemedia 2

If you have experience with Shopify go with that, or if you can get used to Wordpress it’s much more flexible but basically anything can work

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Thank you so much :)